VEIKA’s BALANCE ECO 2 ink is the end result of the newest developments of eco-solvent inks. BALANCE ECO 2 ink possesses a number of advantages, such as improved coverage density, which lowers printing costs, as well as high print resolution, optimal transmission of grey, blue and natural tone gradations, quick-drying, scratch resistance and practically odourless printing quality.

With the new ECO Balance 2 that his a Plug&Play to the Roland® ECO-SOL MAX™ 2 and ECO-SOL MAX™ 3, with faster drying time and more scratch resistance to other eco solvent inks, it’s a VOC free ink that consider to be the GREEN choice for the environment.

Main Features:

  • Fully compatible to Roland® ECO-SOL MAX™ 2 and ECO-SOL MAX™ 3
  • No need for additional  FLUSH or ICC color profile*
  • Excellent scratch resistance and light fastness
  • Free of VOC’s and any other hazardous chemicals
  • Low odor
  • Nickel free (YE)
  • Ink system warranty**

Print-Head Compatibility:

Epson DX4/DX5/DX6/DX7

Ink Compatibility:

Roland® ECO-SOL MAX2™

Roland® ECO-SOL MAX3™


440 cartridge with chip
1 liter bottle
1 liter bag
2 liter bag


C M Y K Lc Lm FL Lk

* Applicable to OEM inks exclusively
 ** According to Veika policy