BALANCE ECO FAST. Veika’s ECO FAST ink was specially developed to encompass both ECO and MILD solvent properties. Print service providers can now benefit from a wide colour gamut, fast drying and exceptional scratch resistance, and still enjoy an odour-free working environment.

Fully colour and chemically compatible to its OEM counterpart, VEIKA’s ECO FAST seamless installation maintains desired productivity level and ensures machine and printhead safety. Outstanding printing results are achieved on a wide range of substrates without any need for lamination for either indoor or outdoor applications. Tested and adopted by our customers, VEIKA’s ECO FAST provides consistent satisfaction for its excellent price and performance ratio.

Main Features:
•    Fully compatible to eco/mild solvent wide format printers
•    No need for additional flush colour profile*(lCC)
•    Excellent scratch resistance and light fastness
•    Free from VOC’s and other hazardous chemicals
•    Odourless
•    Significant cost saving
•    Proven satisfaction over a broad range of products
•    Ink system warranty**


Print-Head Compatibility: Epson DX4/DX5/DX6/DX7

Ink Compatibility: Roland® ECO-SOL MAX™, Mutoh® Eco Ultra™, UMS™, Mimaki® ES-3™,  HSTM

440 cartridge with chip
1 liter bottle
1 liter bag
2 liter bag

Colors: C MY K LcLm FL

* Applicable to OEM inks exclusively

** According to Veika policy

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