BALANCE HYDRO ink developed by VEIKA has different qualities among of which are, light fastness, quick-drying and excellent colour intensity. It is ecological water-based and fully odorless ink which does not cause any health or environmental hazards. Water-based BALANCE HYDRO ink designed for DX 4/5/6/7 ink-jet printheads, guarantees excellent colour reproduction and long-term service for printing on wide variety of carriers.

Wide colour gamut ensures achieving bright and natural colours with high resistance to mechanical damage.
Full compatibility of colours and chemical composition with OEM analogue, and simple installation (Plug&Play) of HYDRO ink allows to maintain a high level of productivity and guarantees the safety of printer and printheads. Long open time and high stability of ink result in high print resolution and prolongs printheads life span.

Main Features:

  • Water-based ink, 100% environmentally friendly
  • Fully compatible to wide format printers
  • Excellent scratch resistance and light fastness
  • Free of VOC’s and other hazardous chemicals
  • No odor
  • Ink system warranty*


Print-Head Compatibility:

Epson DX4/DX5/DX6/DX7


440 cartridge with chip
700 cartridge with chip
1 liter bottle
1 liter bag
2 liter bag



* According to Veika policy