UAB VEIKA is happy to offer our Clients unique wallpaper designs.

The company takes the design process of wallpapers to its heart; that’s why we set up a dedicated design laboratory, featuring all the equipment necessary for the choice of colours, test printing, and visualisation of finished products.

We proudly present our customers with product design templates, after technological processing and ready for production.

Our highly qualified specialists use the latest computer and printing equipment only. The design process includes the preparation of patterns, colours, coating, and colour composition of the finished product. The production of final templates takes into account all technical features, thus eliminating any risks during full-scale production.


Our specialists take part in international exhibitions on annual bases, and creatively follow modern trends for wallpapers and wall covers. As a result, our patterns of wallpaper templates emulate the latest European design trends.

Taking into account your requirements, we can offer unique, original and stylish product design templates, as well as high-quality printed samples. This would ensure your satisfaction with the quality of our laboratory’s work.

If you would like to find out more about the design opportunities we offer, please contact us using our contact details provided on our webpage.

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