Frequently asked questions (F.A.Q.)

Can we receive samples of inks?

Yes, you can. We usually provide our Clients with 1 kg, 20-50 kg or larger test samples. To order the samples, please contact us, our contact details are on our web-page.

Can you create a product according to our specific parameters?

Yes, our laboratories have the facilities to manufacture different products in accordance with our clients requirements. We also guarantee the confidentiality of the technological parameters for such products.

Do you deliver products to the place specified by the client?

Yes, we deliver the manufactured inks to the final user’s address. We have our own truck fleet, and this enables us to deliver the products quickly, saving our clients a lot of money.

Is it possible to order a large batch of wallpapers from you?

Yes, we carry out wholesale and retail sales of wallpapers manufactured by Western European manufacturers. If you are interested, please contact our wallpaper sales department by phone at: +370 5 20 40 174.