UV INKS. The digital printing industry is characterized by a growing tendency towards UV curable technology * based on wider substrates and applications possibilities and their mitigated impact on the environment. Together with instant polymerization characteristics, UV curable technology allows print shops to benefit from reduced ink consumption, waste and drying time.

VEIKA UV CURABLE INKs are developed and continuously fine-tuned to respond to increasing demands and matches up to the highest performance and quality standards. Designed for direct printing on rigid as well as flexible substrates, VEIKA UV CURABLE INKS apply to an expanded indoor and outdoor applications spectrum including PE signage, 2D fleet graphics for flat or curved surfaces, and retail POP such as cardboard, foam board and plastics as well as regular flexo printing of various package substrates. VEIKA UV CURABLE INKS provide unsurpassed viscosity for precise dot control and high color saturation to deliver the most vibrant possible graphic results.  Veika’s stringent quality control procedures ensure improved productivity, higher margins and consistent performance results.

Main Features:

•    Fully compatible to most UV wide format printers
•    No need for additional wash or color profile
•    Excellent abrasion resistance
•    Glossy, vibrant colors
•    Free of VOC’s, instant curing and no evaporation
•    Significant cost saving and improved productivity
•    Proven satisfaction over a broad range of applications

UV curing at:    Hg, Ga, LED 395, LED 365, other if requested.


1L, 5L, 25L, 600ml Bag and other desired special packaging

C M Y K, transparent base and top coat, white, various specific colors