Our scientists are constantly developing new and improving existing products offered by the Company. We carry out modern research to create novel products for wallpaper production.

To carry out scientific research and technological development the Company has established five laboratories:

  • Analytical laboratory
  • Design laboratory
  • Product Application laboratory
  • Test Printing laboratory
  • Pigment and ink laboratory.

Most our employees working within the company’s laboratories have scientific degrees. Our modern laboratory equipment enables us to carry out the most complicated research for the wallpaper and technical textile industry. Our equipment includes: FT-IR spectrometers, gas chromatographs, test printing machines and other analytical devices.

The laboratories are used for researches for the company and for other services requested by clients. Our advanced technology enables us to carry out special researches and to develop unique products suitable for their businesses.

For those who wish to visit our laboratories and learn more about their facilities, please contact us using our contact details provided on our web-page.