VEIKA UAB is a producer of water and solvent-based printing inks and coatings for screen, gravure and flexo as well as for inkjet printing. Our product application field is the wall-covering industry, as well as wide format digital printing.

The company’s main office and production plant is based in Vilnius, Lithuania.  The company was established in 1991.

We appreciate that on-going research and development are vital for success. Therefore, we have established a wide range of research and development facilities, including laboratories dedicated to product applications, analytics, pilot printing and design. The experience, knowledge and new ideas from our qualified scientists and engineers, along with modern equipment, enable us to develop and manufacture high-quality products within a short time frame.

In order to fully meet our customer’s requirements, we are continuously improving our daily operations, as well as creating quality control methods that meet customer’s specific needs. We listen to our customers, and provide laboratory tailor-made samples that best suit individual customer requirements.

VEIKA’s quality policy reflects our main goal i.e. to be a leading and reliable company with highly trained personnel to provide customers with services which exceed their expectations.
We at VEIKA constantly pay a great deal of attention to the quality of our products, environmental protection, and occupational health and safety, while satisfying strict legal and other mandatory requirements. A focus on pollution prevention is a vital part of the company’s commitments.

All our products are manufactured without the emission of residues or any harmful substances into the environment. The quality of VEIKA’s management has been evaluated by ISO 9001:2015 / BS EN ISO 9001:2015 international certificates. On top of that, the company has implemented a quality management system that meets the highest international standards, and ensures VEIKA’s commitment to provide customers with a high quality and continually improving service.

All of our company’s products are of proven high quality and are certificated. Our highly skilled professionals have accumulated a high standard of experience. Our products are manufactured in laboratories using the most advanced modern technologies, and their quality is controlled by applying the highest standards. Every year we introduce between 10 and 20 new products to the market.

UAB VEIKA insures its liability as a carrier and distributer, securing the insurance of its cargo under the terms of the CMR Convention.

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