In order to provide optimum satisfaction of the Customer needs we regularly:

  • Expand our knowledge, improve the daily operating processes and create the customer-specific quality control methods;
  • Present the samples designed in the laboratory to our customers and, depending on their individual preferences, create a product that is the most beneficial and needed by the customer;
  • Offer to our clients eco-friendly wallpaper base in order to grant added value to the Customer’s products and contribute to creation of a healthy and safe environment.

The Company’s quality management system policy reflects the main aim of Veika UAB – to become a leading and reliable enterprise whose highly qualified employees provide services to customers that fully satisfy their needs and expectations.

Achievement of top quality of services and products requires high quality management; therefore, we learn from the most successful practices. None of our products emit any hazardous substances. Our employees have been familiarised with the legal and standard requirements and the liabilities assumed by the company, and have undertaken to comply therewith at the workplace.

The company ensures compliance with all the requirements in force through regular and independent audits. The audit results are used and will be used in the future by the company in the management review processes, and for adoption of important strategic decisions related to its operations and further development.